Misc. Farm Products

Started Pullets: Diemand Farm will have Isa Brown started pullets available starting March or April of 2017. Please call or email for more information and ask for Faith.

compostCompost: We  have compost that is a mix of largely chicken manure and some kitchen scraps. Chicken manure packs a powerful nitrogen punch, almost twice that of horse manure. Once aged and/or composted, use it sparingly in areas where you’ll be growing crops that flower because loads of nitrogen may produce loads of leaves and you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t get any blooms or  fruit. Corn craves nitrogen and is a good match for poultry poo. An average-size hen makes 1 cubic foot of manure every six months.

Local Maple Syrup – Our neighbors, Bill and Laurel Facey from Sugarbush Farm, produce maple syrup for us to maple-syrupsell at the farm store. We also use it in several of our prepared foods, including Maple Walnut Pound Cake, Canadian Turkey Bacon, Maple Cookies, seasonal Pasta Purse Salad and more.