Grass Fed Beef

Grass Feed Cows make for better beef.
Our cows are grass fed year round with grass from our own fields in Wendell, MA.

Diemand Farm raises our own grass fed beef. Our cows are hormone and antibiotic free. You can support your local farmer and farming community by buying local beef. We have many different cuts available for sale in our farm store;  including lean ground beef, stew beef, chuck roasts and steaks, boneless rib-eye steaks, brisket, NY sirloin steak, short ribs and more.

Grass fed beef is not only healthier,  but tastes better. Beef from grass-fed animals contains more natural minerals and amino acids,  as well as higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for cardiovascular health. Grass-fed beef also has lower levels of dietary cholesterol and offers more vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.

Our cows only eat grass from our own fields in the summer and our round baled hay

Grass fed cows make for better beef.
Diemand Farms cows grazing in our fields.

harvested from our own fields in the winter. Round hay bales can be baled more quickly after cutting our grasses and have a higher moisture content, making them a higher quality protein source than field-cured hay.  An unexpected benefit of round hay bales, is that when they are opened in winter the scent of summer fills the air, bringing joy to the animals and farmers alike.  This type of farming is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, more humane for the animals, and also healthier for the consumer. Environmental Benefits to Grass Fed Farming

Grass fed beef
Our beef herd is growing every year.