Diemand Farm Family


There are 12 diemand siblings. Peter, anne, and faith run the farm but many of their siblings and extended family work on the farm.
Peter Diemand haying a field to feed our beef cattle during the winter.
Peter Diemand haying a field to feed our beef cattle during the winter.

Peter Diemand: Peter is the general manager of the farm. Some of his responsibilities include haying the fields, maintaining the wood lot, turning the compost, upkeep of the farms tractors, buildings and other farm equipment. Peter also delivers eggs and pot pies to the Hampshire County area. When he is not using his new lathe he is waiting for a nice day to take his Harley for a ride.

Anne Diemand helping haying.
Anne Diemand helping haying.

Anne Diemand: Anne is in charge of the Farm Store, the kitchen and the catering. She and the kitchen staff make the turkey pot pies, soups, sandwiches and all the other amazing food sold at the store. Anne is responsible for managing the health of the turkey and chicken flocks and dealing with inspectors and farm inspections. Anne is also a police officer and constable for the town of Wendell. Anne participates in the Reinventing Justice Programs of Franklin County. Ask her about it!

Faith working in the office.
Faith working in the office.

Faith Diemand: Faith Diemand Faith runs the farms office. Her focus is maintaining the accounts and dealing with the paperwork. She also delivers farm products to the Franklin County area. Faith is responsible for the care of the cows and menagerie of little farm animals. Her miniature donkeys, goats, sheep and bunnies will meet you at the driveway when you visit! Also ask about her new additions of three miniature horses. In her off time Faith is busy playing with her three granddaughters, walking her Jack Russells and quilting.


Mary Diemand: Mary is the oldest Diemand girl but you wouldn’t know it. She is always running around doing shopping for the farm. She is also our fastest hard boiled egg peeler and pot pie wrapper. She helps in the dressing room and is one of the Diemand Grandma’s that help ensure the quality of your chicken and turkey.

Judy (Diemand) Bailey: Judy is the sister that you will see running our booths at various local festivals. She not keeps the turkey legs, BBQ pulled turkey, and more coming at Mutton and Mead, Garlic and Arts Festival, and Pumpkin Fest. On top of that she works in the farmstore kitchen, calls our wholesale customers for orders.

Elsie (Diemand) Blanchard: You may have known Elsie from when she ran her gift shop “Raven’s Nest”. Now that she has retired from retail, she works in the farm store helping make the pot pies and she is one of the Diemand Grandma’s that see to the quality of your chicken or turkey when they are dressed.

Bertha Perturski: Bertha only comes home to the farm about once a month when she returns from the Boston area where she helps care for her grandchildren. She doesn’t relax and just visit you will find her working hard in the farm store. She is a wonderful artist and often does calligraphy signs for the farm.

Brian Bailey: Is a third generation Diemand, the son of Judy. You will find him working in the farm store putting his cooking skills to use or at the festivals with his mom cooking your turkey leg.  You have to try his Canadian Turkey Bacon and Turkey Jerky that he makes for us to sell in the farm store!

James Diemand: One of Peter Diemand’s sons, Jimmy has great carpenter skills. Since his uncle Eddie Diemand passed away the winter of 2016, Jimmy has tried to take on the heavy mantle of the farm’s resident carpenter. Check out the new roof and porch on the farm house that he added for us. The porch is a great spot to sit and eat one of our sandwiches or salads.

Tessa White-Diemand: Anne Diemand’s daughter can be found on her visits home from Boston working in the farm store or at one of our festivals.


Doreen: Doreen is our main cook. Her skills are evident in the way that her Shepard’s Pie, Beef Stew, and Cheeseburger Pies keep disappearing from our freezers.

Lauren: Lauren loves to make you desserts and to help Doreen create some of your favorite meals, salads and more. She is also mom to Skylar’s and soon to be Cora so you know she is busy.

Paul A.: Paul is a former culinary arts teacher who comes in once a week to make some special dishes for you. Try his Moroccan Pie or Sweet Potato Coconut Soup, or for you Gluten Free people his Almond Crescent Cookies (everyone loves them despite their being gluten free)

Tammy: Tammy works in the kitchen doing a little of everything and anytime something needs to be done on the computer it’s her we call. If you call to set up a catering job you will most likely talk to her to set up your menu.

Barbara: Barbara helps get our wholesale orders together and out the door. When she is not doing that she is making your lemon blueberry or maple walnut pound cake.