Side Dishes

Catering Side Dish Menu

Item Description Price per person
Baked Beans Baked beans with local maple syrup and sliced onions are slow cooked overnight.  $        1.00
Baked Potato Russet Potato baked and served with butter and sour cream. Also think about adding our vegn chili or BBQ pulled turkey as a topping.  $        1.20
Butternut Squash w/ Maple Syrup & Butter Local butternut Squash from C zajkowski mashed with butter and  local maple syrup from SugarBush farm.  $        1.20
 img_20160903_104128399 Corn Bread Our corn bread and muffins are made extra moist and delicious by the addtion of a can of creamed corn to the mix.  $        0.75
Cranberry Relish, Cranapple or Cranorange Our own house made cranberry relish. Fresh cranberry ground up with fruit, sugar and spices make a wonderful tart contrast with your turkey.  $        1.40
Cranberry Sauce, Jellied The tradtional canned jellied cranberry sauce.  $        0.50
Garlic Bread Fresh baked bread from local vendors is layered with garlic butter and spices.  $        1.60
Gravy, Chicken Made from our own house made bone broth is thckend with a roue and simmered with herbs and spices.  $        0.60
Gravy, Turkey Made from our own house made bone broth is thckend with a roue and simmered with herbs and spices.  $        0.45
Green Beans, Almondine Thin haricot green breans are sauteed with butter, local gluten free soy sauce from … and sliced almonds.  $        2.00
Green Beans, w/ Butter Thin haricot green breans are sauteed with butter.  $        1.50
Macaroni and Cheese, Side Creamy cheesy homemade baked macaroni and cheese  loved by kids and adults alike.  $        2.15
Mashed Potatoes Red Potatoes mashed with butter and local Mapline Farm half and half.  $        1.35
Peas, w/ Butter Peas sauted in butter.  $        1.10
Potatoes, Augratin Red potatoes are layered with a sauce of butter, half and half  and cheese.  $        2.35
Rissotto Rice is sauted with veggies and/or meats and slow cooked in white wine till it  is  rich creamy goodness.  $        2.50
 Roasted Vegetables Roasted Vegetables Seasonal vegatables,  along with red potatoes, carrots and onions are roasted Iin olive oil.  $        2.00
Rolls and Butter Local fresh baked rolls served with butter.  $        1.50
Stuffing, Turkey Bread cubes and spices are combined with butter and  our own turkey bone broth to make this tasty accompaniment to your turkey dinner.  $        1.40
Succotash A medley of Fresh Local Corn(when available), Baby Lima Beans, Red Pepper, Butter, and Seasonings.  $        2.00